Super ACE 1942 (Juegos - 2017)

Completamente preservado

Título: Super ACE 1942

Sistema: Commodore, C-64,

Publicado en: España (2017)

Empresa/grupo: Igor Errazkin/Errazking

Tipo: Juegos - Neoretro

Género: Shoot' em up

Idioma: Inglés

Control: 1 jugador con Joystick en puerto 2

Tipo de final: Se puede terminar

Herramienta/lenguage: SEUCK

Multicarga: Una sola carga

Soporte: Digital

CargadorMartin Piper
MúsicaRichard Bayliss
Apoyo-ayudasRichard Bayliss

(C)2017 Errazking Productions
Published FREE by The New Dimension (

Game design, graphics, bitmap and by Igor Errazkin
SEUCK Code by Sensible Software
Additional cand and Music by Richard Bayliss
Tape loader system: Martin Piper (Modified to load with picture
and additional code by Richard Bayliss)

Put on your flying jacket and scarf, and strap yourself in and experience the thrills and spills of this WW2 style SEUCK arcade game.
You take control of a WW2 fighter plane, who has to fight against the enemy forces. You fight across the sea and also above the land. During your battle, you will encounter deadly enemy planes, tanks, and many other ships. Can you defeat the stronghold of the opposition?
Good luck pilot.

Joystick in Port 2
RUN/STOP - Pause
Q (While Paused) - Abort game