Main Ninja (Juegos - 2017)

Completamente preservado

Título: Main Ninja

Sistema: Commodore, C-64,

Publicado en: España (2017)

Empresa/grupo: Igor Errazkin/Errazking

Tipo: Juegos - Neoretro

Género: Shoot' em up

Control: 1 jugador con Joystick en puerto 2

Tipo de final: Se puede terminar

Herramienta/lenguage: SEUCK

Multicarga: Una sola carga

Soporte: Digital

CargadorMartin Piper
MúsicaRichard Bayliss

(C)2015 Errazking Productions
Published By The New Dimension 2017

This is free software

Game design, graphics, bitmap and sound effects by Igor Errazkin
SEUCK Redux framework by Martin Piper
Music composed by Richard Bayliss

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You have succeeded on becoming the chosen one on becoming the MAIN NINJA. Training has been successful at the TND Dojo. Now you have a very long journey home. It isn't going to be all that easy. Luckily for you, you can put your ninja skills to the test.

This is a game for 1 player only.
The object of this game is to guide your ninja safely home, to his bed. The trouble is that you have a long and dangerous journey. You need to climb buildings, fly across landscapes, and even have a good swim. During your journey, you will also encounter some mean enemies, ninjas and other baddies. Luckily for you, you have infinite ninja stars to throw at them. Can you make your way home safely, or will you fall asleep elsewhere? Good luck ninja!

Joystick in Port 2
RUN/STOP - Pause
Q (While Paused) - Abort game