NERO A.K.A. Nero Must Die (Juegos - 2017)

Completamente preservado

Título: NERO

AKA: Nero Must Die

Sistema: Commodore, C-64,

Publicado en: España (2017)

Empresa/grupo: Igor Errazkin/Errazking

Tipo: Juegos - Neoretro

Género: Shoot' em up

Idioma: Español

Control: 1 jugador con Joystick en puerto 2

Tipo de final: Se puede terminar

Herramienta/lenguage: SEUCK

Multicarga: Una sola carga

Soporte: Digital

ProgramaciónChris Yates
CargadorMartin Piper
MúsicaRichard Bayliss

Signals from a distant a red planet has called for help. The space agency has discovered that what was known as a planet of peace, has been put under siege by an evil space agency. You, as Nero, has been transported through millions of miles away from space, to fight the planet pirates and their mean mechanoids. Armed with a Magnum XII Pulse Laser, you set off in your mission to fight the pirates. Can you slay the evil pirates, and restore peace back to the red planet, so that the inhabitants can keep the peace? Once you have done that, locate the control centre, and then fight the guards. Then you can fly back to Earth. Good luck Nero. Or as the pirates would say - NERO MUST DIE.