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Premios Commodore manía / Re:PREMIOS 2019 COMMODORE MANIA
« en: Agosto 18, 2019, 13:34:55 »
* Reservado *

Premios Commodore manía / Re:PREMIOS 2019 COMMODORE MANIA
« en: Agosto 18, 2019, 13:34:52 »
* Reservado *

Premios Commodore manía / Re:PREMIOS 2019 COMMODORE MANIA
« en: Agosto 18, 2019, 13:34:49 »
* Reservado *

Premios Commodore manía / PREMIOS 2019 COMMODORE MANIA
« en: Agosto 18, 2019, 13:34:18 »
¡Vamos poniendo en marcha esto!

REGLAS 2019 >>
- Trabajos publicados en 2019
- Para equipos Commodore 64
- Que el autor pertenezca a la comunidad hispanoparlante

- Juegos
- Músicas
- Gráficos

Programación / Re:Making of de juegos
« en: Agosto 18, 2019, 12:35:00 »
Súper interesante, aunque igual ya lo compartí por aquí.

How To Code The Sarah Jane Way…

Por si algún despistado no lo sabe, Sarah Jane es la creadora del Neutron y de dos juegos más en desarrollo, un RPG (Briley Witch) y uno de naves (Soul Force creo que se llamará.

General / Re:Nuevos juegos en desarrollo
« en: Agosto 18, 2019, 03:19:42 »
Simon Jameson aka Shallan, el creador de DocCosmos tiene un Patreon, por si os interesa colaborar.

EvoluteGames is one man, me, Simon Jameson aka Shallan. I'm a 40 something developer for a London based online gaming company. I grew up playing on many retro systems but the Commodore 64 was the one that stole my heart. I still get great enjoyment from all retro systems and have a small collection of machines I have repaired and restored with a focus on the 8-bit home computer era.

As well as playing C64 games, I like to develop for it in my spare time. I recently created Doc Cosmos for the RGCD 16K Competition 2019 and am working on a much bigger sequel. I also recently started running a live coding stream where we come together as a community to build a C64 game while learning and sharing our knowledge.

Patreon backers will help toward the costs of streaming live coding tutorials and toward the coffee required for continued development of Commodore 64 games.

Efecto rewind... :O

Reparando la placa de un C64C

Os cuento esta pequeña batallita por si alguna vez os encontráis con averías similares en vuestro C64. El año pasado compré en eBay una placa de C64C que teóricamente funcionaba correctamente, y a la que únicamente le faltaba el chip SID 8580, que conseguí también en eBay. Utilicé la placa durante un tiempo con el SD2IEC y EasyFlash3 sin ningún problema, pero al probar a cargar algún juego por cinta con un datasette detecté que algo no iba bien: el motor giraba continuamente. Más adelante comprobé que al conectarle un Tapuino, el ordenador directamente no arrancaba. También encontré otra avería: usar un joystick en el puerto 1 provocaba comportamientos extraños como reinicios de la máquina.

El diagnóstico: la CPU MOS 8500 (controla el motor del cassette) y las CIAs MOS 6526 (controlan la mayoría de entradas y salidas del ordenador, como las de los joysticks) estaban dañadas.

Leer completo en:

Hace poco Paco publicó esto, quizás tambén sea útil: Reparando la placa de un C64C

Off-topic / Re:Presentación
« en: Agosto 18, 2019, 00:31:36 »

Creo que la gran mayoría somos de C64, pero a ver si encuentras tu sitio por aquí.

Programación / Re:Making of de juegos
« en: Agosto 17, 2019, 21:03:29 »
Lets Dissect a Commodore 64 Game! - Episode 6 - The Last V8 - 15/8/2019

Las fuentes de Commodore tienen la sana costumbre de estar selladas dentro de un bloque de cemento... :(

Programación / Re:Making of de juegos
« en: Agosto 16, 2019, 16:32:05 »
Actualización del blog de desarrollo del MW ULTRA - work in progress

Enemy work for MW ULTRA is going on, along with bugfixes, minor AI adjustments and optimizations.

When one starts to work on the enemies seriously, AI routines get severely stresstested, and some odd behaviors stand out. For example, the player would occasionally get noticed even when in cover, if an enemy was approaching from the left and the player was behind cover, also facing left. This was a simple logic mistake, easily fixed once detected, but also easily missed if only using straightforward frontal attacks on enemies when testing.

How enemy spawning works got implemented. Spawn points are to be placed into the levels with the world editor. These are item actors with an illegal type, that will not be put onscreen as actual items. Instead, they're processed on each area change, and create an enemy at their position, using randomized enemy types and weapons from lists, similar to practically all Covert Bitops games so far. The horizontal position can be changed slightly to produce variation. Spawn points can also be turned on and off by the game's story progression boolean flags. The spawned enemies are removed when leaving the area.

But this is not yet the complete picture. MW ULTRA contains horizontally long areas, and the game world might seem empty if you were to walk to the other end of an area and defeat all the enemies along the way, then walk back, and find it still empty, until you actually cross to the next area. Therefore the spawn points within that same area will also respawn enemies after enough time has passed. This requires some care: the spawn point must be far enough from the player, and the spawn point's previous enemy must actually have been defeated. This is to ensure that the player is never overwhelmed. Staying in one place will never produce a continuous stream of respawning enemies (as can happen in Hessian), so the player can proceed at their own pace.

Along with enemy spawning, item drop logic & rules were also needed. The straightforward answer is for an enemy to drop their weapon, but there are also other pickups like coins, first aid kits and armor. Similar to Hessian, it's about thinking of what the player is likely to need most at the moment, along with some randomness:

- If player doesn't yet have the enemy's weapon, it should definitely be dropped.
- If player is low on health, first aid drop probability should increase.
- If player is already carrying maximum of something or has the same melee weapon, it shouldn't be dropped.
- If the enemy can drop coins, it's a good fallback choice.

Something that both Metal Warrior 4 and Hessian got occasional criticism for was showing only the amount of spare magazines instead of spare rounds, similar to the original Deus Ex game. This is perhaps more realistic, but could create ambiguity. So now MW ULTRA displays rounds in magazine and amount of spare rounds, like most recent shooter games. This required removing the expanded borders in the score panel (40 column mode instead of 38), but was well worth it, as now the selected weapon is also displayed completely thanks to more available space, and there's two chars more available for each line in conversations.

Since the last WIP update, the scrolling also got one more improvement. Rastertime would get very tight on an unaccelerated NTSC C64, leading to occasional visual glitches at the midpoint of the screen when redrawing the screen. The solution is to split the NTSC screen update to 3 parts: top, middle and bottom, instead of just top and bottom. No more glitches!

This means the REU scrolling code path could even be removed in case of severe compatibility trouble or lacking disk space, however it's preferable to keep it in, as it leaves REU-enabled machines much more free CPU time for all non-scrolling code, preventing potential slowdowns.

Now, the enemy work shall continue! Here is a work-in-progress video of the first enemies that were implemented, and fighting against them:

Cierto, lo de nuevo no implica funcional!

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