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General / Localized Spanish C64?
« en: Agosto 10, 2017, 21:18:18 »
Hola a todos,

I just received a localized C64C, which was supposed to be a Spanish version - but while it was bought in Spain, it looks like it is actually a _Portugese_ model - see this website in German:
The pictures on the right show a close-up of the altered keys.
How was the situation in Spain? I have heard about the law that forced computer companies to localize small computers - but was this done with the C64?


General / New huge C64 RPG project on Kickstarter!
« en: Enero 10, 2017, 20:28:08 »
Hola everybody,

sorry for writing in English, but no habla sufficiente Espaniol. :-) If somebody wants to translate, please do so - also please shift it, if the topic should be in another forum.
I just wanted to share with everyone this awesome Kickstarter campaign for a new, huge C64 (and PC) RPG in the line of The Bard's Tale, Ultima and others:

It is quite some money that you have to out into it, if you want to get the C64 cartridge collector's edition (the cheaper ziplock bag editions are unfortunately ll gone), but it is a unique project, and defintely worth supporting IMHO. As little as I like the idea that there are no plans for any additional carts after the campaign, I believe everybody should think twice before missing this chance!


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