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  • Amigatronics somos un grupo de la escena amiguera, nacido a principios del 2007, dedicados básicamente a fomentar el uso y la cultura del ordenador Commodore AMIGA tanto classic como "new gen".
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In the ever-evolving landscape of technological history, certain milestones stand out, shaping the course of industries and leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory. One such milestone is the Commodore Amiga 500, a revolutionary computer that not only saved Commodore but also played a pivotal role in the gaming industry. The documentary, «The Commodore Amiga 500 Story: The Gaming Chronicles Ep 1,» is on a mission to bring this extraordinary narrative to life, and its creators are seeking funding through Kickstarter to make it happen.

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Project Objectives

The primary objective of this ambitious project is to finance the creation of a documentary that delves into the captivating history of the Amiga 500. The narrative will extend beyond its inception to explore how this iconic computer not only saved Commodore but also influenced the trajectory of the gaming industry. The project aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Amiga 500’s significance and the subsequent events that unfolded.

Sponsor Rewards

To involve and reward backers, the project offers a range of contribution options with corresponding rewards. Backers can choose from digital downloads to physical packages and exclusive experiences. Examples of rewards include digital downloads of the documentary, behind-the-scenes packages of Amiga game making, physical Blu-ray copies with additional content, and more.

Estimated Delivery Date

Anticipated completion and delivery of the documentary to backers is slated for April 2024. This timeframe reflects the commitment of the project creators to deliver a high-quality production within a reasonable timeframe.

Documentary Content

The documentary promises to be a treasure trove for tech enthusiasts, exploring the genesis of the Amiga 500, its impact on Commodore, and the intriguing circumstances that led to Commodore’s collapse in 1994, despite the success of the Amiga 500. The film will feature exclusive interviews with the original creators of the Amiga 1000, key members of Commodore, and legendary game designers who were part of this transformative era.

Project History

Originally conceived as an archival project, the documentary’s scope expanded with additional funding from a previous Kickstarter campaign. New interviews and footage were added to enrich the content and provide diverse perspectives. The current Kickstarter campaign aims to enable more Amiga enthusiasts to join this historical journey.

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The Gaming Chronicles

Introducing «The Gaming Chronicles,» a novel concept that goes beyond a standalone documentary. This episodic content aims to comprehensively explore various facets of video game history and the computing industry. The objective is to create a digital resource that chronicles the evolution of the gaming industry over time.

Utilization of Additional Funds

The creators acknowledge the potential use of additional funds to enhance production, incorporating third-party archives and additional footage. Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes material, sneak peeks, and more is offered to sponsors supporting at higher levels.

New Sponsorship Opportunity

For those who missed the previous campaign, there is a unique opportunity to join the project and secure exclusive rewards. The creators encourage new backers to become part of this venture and contribute to the realization of this compelling documentary.

Funding Deadline

The funding model for this project is «all or nothing,» meaning the project will only proceed if the funding goal is reached by December 14, 2023. This deadline emphasizes the importance of community support in bringing this historical narrative to fruition.

Future Vision

Looking ahead, the creators express their commitment to continuing «The Gaming Chronicles» with additional episodes if the first episode receives successful funding. This underscores the long-term vision of creating a valuable and ongoing resource for enthusiasts and scholars interested in the history of gaming and computing.

In conclusion, «The Commodore Amiga 500 Story: The Gaming Chronicles Ep 1» stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of technological history. It invites backers to become part of this journey, supporting the preservation and exploration of a pivotal chapter that shaped the landscape of computing and gaming. The success of this Kickstarter campaign will not only bring a compelling documentary to life but also contribute to the ongoing legacy of technological storytelling.

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