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Commodore 64 -=Herisferix=-

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« Publicado el: 01/06/2023 »

Commodore 64 =Herisferix=
Saberman&IndieRetroNews.com present: Herisferix

Herisferix is a game which was originally written using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. It was imported into the SEUCK Redux framework and features some pretty cool enhancements, such as enemy firing intelligence, some power ups and no SEUCK slowdown syndrome. The game also features a new score panel and front end. The game was enhanced and submitted by special request of the game author, Pinov Vox, himself.

Game design and graphics by Pinov Vox.
Redux code and enhancements by Martin Piper and TND Games.
Music by Pinov Vox


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