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Commodore 64 -=CommodoRex=-

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« Publicado el: 03/10/2022 »

Commodore 64 -=CommodoRex=-
Saberman&IndieRetroNews.com present: CommodoRex

Programming, graphics, sound by Bartosz Zolynski

CommodoRex is yet another version of T-Rex, a popular runner that you can play when your Chrome web browser is disconnected from the internet. And doing exactly the opposite was the purpose of this project: to play T-Rex when your C64 is online! With 64NIC+ or WiC64 cartridges attached to your C64 this is possible! But, in case you don't have these cartridges, you still can enjoy playing offline and save your hi-scores to disk or tape.
CommodoRex uses REST API via HTTP, and is probably the first ever C64 program that parses JSON responses!


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