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Commodore 64 -=Awesome Slam Siblings=- demo

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« Publicado el: 03/10/2022 »

Commodore 64 -=Awesome Slam Siblings=- demo
Saberman&IndieRetroNews.com present: Awesome Slam Siblings

Programming, graphics, sound and music by Søren Trautner Madsen

An exclusive playable preview of two of the characters in Awesome Slam Siblings. This build tries to detect an REU - if one is found it uses it to skip some of the optimisations that are otherwise necessary. The final game will probably add one or two REU-only levels, as they can be more complex in design - but generally the game will be targeted to run without REU. If the screen flickers for a second when starting up, that shows the REU is being used.


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