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Commodore Amiga -=Boxx Remake=- beta v.0.3

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« Publicado el: 01/12/2022 »

Commodore Amiga -=Boxx Remake=- beta v.0.3
Saberman&IndieRetroNews.com present: Boxx Remake

Author: Lemming880

v.0.3 Changelog:
-level 3: small level change at the end to prevent skipping the moving brick
-level 4: fixed a bug where a hatch wouldn't open in the second playthrough
-level 5: a lever variable didn't reset in the second playthrough
-controls screen now also shows jump for joystick button
-lower volume for game over and end screen music
-top of exit doors now blocked with invisible tiles
-player death animation now shows moving feet (quite funny)


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